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Anonymous asked:
i need your light. i hate feeling unmotivated, sad and lethargic. nothing inspires me, or at best i feel a small dim light spark in me but for the most part i just feel hollow. how do i enjoy things again? i don't even know how to be alive. i want to die not because i'm super mega sad but because i'm just ... tired, ultimately. i don't want to feel like this. i want to be a powerful person.

it was really difficult for me to read this because I feel the same way a lot of the time. but i never wanna die. and idk what it is that keeps me going somedays, but i feel a push. i feel people reaching out and picking me up. i feel strength, always, from the universe. i feel that i have so much to accomplish, and that’s what inspires me. i have people to help. i have movements to start. i have things to do, and so you do. feel empowered. feel the universe pushing you forward, feel that there are things you have yet to accomplish. i feel so sad, but im moving. im trying so hard to move every single day, and i wish the same for you. i’m so sorry if this isn’t helpful. im trying to hard to be a #positive person and i wish nothing but positivity onto you and your struggle. we’re going to be okay. 

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the jam 2nite

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i looked so cute today dang even i am out of my league

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A foggy day at the beach is one of the most beautiful things ever.

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Beauty at Barbara Bui S/S 2015


Beauty at Barbara Bui S/S 2015

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I’ll never understand..

wow so relevant lmaoo0o0o0 #tiiiiiiiite


I’ll never understand..

wow so relevant lmaoo0o0o0 #tiiiiiiiite

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but idk last night was also kinda like….difficult or sumthin. bein in that house was a trip. i just felt rly strange and like, i didn’t wanna b there. like i wanted 2 b anywhere else in the universe besides that house. and i feel like, physically repelled from this person like, being near them pisses me off. i just think abt how it felt to find out all the lies n shit, n it makes it so hard 2 like, be a nice person! there’s no justice! there’s nothing 2 do! i had 2 put my sweater in their room, n i felt terrified! i didn’t wanna go in there! it’s just all bad vibes n i hate that! i’m just so annoyed bcuz if they hadn’t lied to me, none of this would b an issue. n im the only one who’s still feeling salty, but i didn’t evn do anything 2 deserve all this omfg n nothing can make it up to me! i’m just so irritated abt this! just rly hated being in that house! hated it a lot! 

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had a rly fun night! hung out w/ homies! saw a lot of v cool bands! ate rly good food! and now I’m in bed! amazing! 

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